So for some reason I decided to torture myself and read “Anansi’s Goatman Story” and HOLY FUCKING SHIT I’M ABOUT TO SHIT MYSELF THIS IS TERRIFYING I’M NOT EVEN DONE WITH IT AND I’VE BEEN TERRIFIED FOR A GOOD 10 MINUTES


Wow. That was a fucking intense climax to this movie.

Good on the doctor for blowing the whistle.

Good on the President for upholding the Dreyfus Act.

Bad on Samuel L. Jackson for saying that “biased media” made the President uphold the act. Bad on him for saying that America was not “imperialist” and not a “bully”. Bad on him for saying that America “is and will always be the greatest country”. Because it isn’t.

I hope that when people see this movie they recognize the political ploy that made Alex a soulless machine. I hope they recognize the danger of treating someone as less than human, of believing clearly biased media, and of America’s involvement in conflicts that we have no business being involved in. I hope that people see more than some cool action sequences with robots.

lauren watches robocop personal

Alex is just a pawn in this whole ploy to get that law repealed and for the big company to make more money and basically ruin the whole world.

Alex bby I hope things turn out well for you.

lauren watches robocop personal

The fucking doctor just keeps taking bribes from the big company. Who cares if you get millions of dollars? Who cares if you get eternal glory in medical journals? Who fucking cares when you created this?

lauren watches robocop personal

You should be ashamed of yourself doctor!

It makes me so fucking sad that he took away every shed of Alex’s humanity without so much as a “but..”. He didn’t fight for Alex. He didn’t defy the big company that only wants money out of this. It barely seems like he feels even slightly guilty.

And I know that he tried to get Claire to see Alex, but again, he barely put up a fight.

Poor Claire.

lauren watches robocop personal

Alex is having a fucking seizure and the god damn company people tell the doctor to “fix him” because they have a press conference. So the doctor just takes away his emotions and makes him completely into a robot now. Good job guys, good job! Fuck all of you.

This movie makes me want to tear all of my skin off because I’m so uncomfortable.

lauren watches robocop personal

So he was five seconds behind the machine. So just go into his brain and take away his humanity all to make more money. This whole movie is making me itch, it makes me so uncomfortable.

lauren watches robocop personal